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Epic Minecraft news!

SkyWars is the newest addition to our Epic Server!

We are up and running the latest version of Minecraft 1.8.7 with all plugins running 100% bug free!

Since Minecraft session serves have been down quite a lot in recent weeks we have made some changes to the way Craftbukkit checks login information when Minecraft sessions servers are down. Our server is now able to monitor Minecraft session servers responsiveness and automatically switch to alternate player authentication mode if Minecraft network outage is detected. This allows Minecraft players to login to Epicmcs any time even when Minecraft session servers are down. Next time your login verification fails due to Minecraft session servers down come to Epicmcs in offline mode, our server will be able handle the login authentication.

We just added a new cool Factions world to our server with its own rules, separate from our main world. Anything goes in this new world, survival gamemode for everyone, TNT enabled, raiding allowed. Have fun!
EpicEquip is our own plugin that allows you to craft your own weapon or armor and customize it with any enchantments you like. The best part is the ability to respawn you custom weapon or armor any time in case you let's say lose it in a pvp. You get your own equipment back with all enchantments with a single command!. To try it in the game just type /epic or just /e.

There's some servers out there that let you play Survival Games other servers have War Games or Factions, some other servers use Towny. Our server has all these plugins and they're all working together without a glitch! To raise the bar we allow creative mode and use of World Edit commands alongside those survival plugins without any conflicts.
World Guard is a popular protection plugin on many servers, but it comes with a major weakness - it does not protect against World Edit. It will not happen on our server! If you use World Guard to protect your area it will automatically be protected against World Edit too!
In an unlikely event of server failure our Epic server should restart itself automatically within minutes of crash detection.

Server Information

Our dedicated server is built around Quad Core 3.4 GHz I7-2600K processor with 32 GB of DDR3 memory running 64-bit software.
We are constantly looking for ways to improve your gaming experience. We update our server with new plugins and customize them to fit our Epic environment.

We write our own plugins! These custom plugins can only be found on this server. EpicAutoRank is one of our custom plugins designed to rank players up. Just have fun playing on our server, follow the rules an you will rank up automatically!

Epic News

Our forum is open for your comments! Find out what other players are saying, post anything you want related to our Epic Server. Have any suggestions for the server, maybe some screenshots of a great place you built, forum is the best place to share them with other members.

We have recently implemented a new voting system. Votes help make our server more popular and our community grow. FOR THE FIRST 2 VOTES YOU RECEIVE $1,500.00. (Our server currency is "$" just like the real $). WITH THE 3RD VOTE YOU GET A UNIQUE HIGHLY ENCHANTED ITEM! Every time you vote, the server sends a broadcast for everybody to see your name and what you were rewarded with!

We have recently added a popular SURVIVAL GAMES feature to the server. Visit the leaderboard page to find out who has the best surviving skills! To join HUNGER GAMES type /sg join.

If you are new and see people flying, it's due to our custom ranking system which rewards time spent on the server. If you are able to tough it out at the begining, creative mode will be right around the corner for you.

Higher ranks on the server enjoy access to WorldEdit commands. We have WorldGuard plugin installed as well, however it does not offer protection against WorldEdit block placements. This creates a problem on other servers, since the administrators are unable to guard against WorldEdit accidental or intentional grief. If you protect your region with WorldGuard it will be protected against WorldEdit thanks to EpicProtect. We write our own plugins and EpicProtect is one of them. EpicProtect will also protect your Towny town against WorldEdit!

This server runs custom plugins (EpicAutoRank, EpicZones, EpicProtect, EpicReward, EpicDonations, EpicRestore, EpicStats), developed by us, desiged to improve your playing experience. It takes time to create the code, test it and implement it. If you enjoy playing on the server consider donating. Donors get special ranks and features not available to other players.

If you are thinking about donating, rest assured that your donor rank will be given to you INSTANTLY thanks to another plugin we developed (EpicDonations). Special perks that come with donor ranks will be available to you as soon as you hit that donate button! Just don't forget to enter your minecraft username when you make your donation since our system uses your entry to process the rank promotion automatically.

Server Ranks


Guest Permissions:

- gamemode
- kit
- list
- sethome
- home
- help
- motd
- rules
- spawn
- suicide
- tpa
- tpaccept
- tpdeny
- warp
- warps
- balance
- tptoggle
- Magic Spells: Nature 1


Guest+ Permissions - all above and:

- back
- delhome
- afk
- msg
- create [Protection] signs
- Magic Spells: Water 1


Builder Permissions - all above and:

- balancetop
- depth
- item
- pay
- tpahere
- signs.color
- Magic Spells: Earth 1


Builder+ Permissions - all above and:

- chat.color
- jump
- create disposal signs
- Magic Spells: Air 1


Member Permissions - all above and:

- create a new town
- setwarp
- delwarp
- ignore
- mail
- ping
- Magic Spells: Fire 1


Member+ Permissions - all above and:

- wond command
- WorldGuard region protection
- Magic Spells: Dark 1


VIP Permissions - all above and:

- create a new nation
- killall
- seen
- compass
- getpos
- spawner
- thunder
- time
- ptime
- top
- tp
- tppos
- weather
- 3 homes
- Magic Spells: Light 1


VIP+ Permissions - all above and:

- selected WorldEdit commands
- Magic Spells: Electric 1


MVP Permissions - all above and:

- 5 homes
- expanded WE selection