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Epicmcs server is based entirely on your donations!
You can visit our Webstore by clicking here
If you like Epicmcs, the greatest thing you can do to help us out is to make a contribution. The funds go towards server improvements, custom plugin developement, advertising and general server related monthly expenses.
We would like to reward the players who help the server with in-game perks. You can find them listed below grouped in promotional ranks.
After your donation is complete you will be instantly promoted to your new rank.
NOTE: When upgrading from one donation rank to the next you only need to make up the difference between the ranks. (Example: If you already have Premium Rank, you only need to donate additional $15.00 (not $25.00) to upgrade to Pro Rank.
[Premium] $10.00
- [Premium] tag
- Access to all MVP commands including creative gamemode and WorldEdit
- Kick other players off the server with /kick command
- Create spheres and cylinders with /hsphere and /hcyl commands
- Ability to join full server
- Access to /fly command (flying in survival gamemode)
- Put a hat on with /hat command
- Turn into a chicken, colored sheep, cat, pig, cow, MushroomCow, bat, boat or minecart - /d [mobtype]
- Ability to ride that chicken, sheep or cow! (use saddle and fishing rod to ride a mob)
- Magic Spells: Nature 2, Water 2, Earth 2, Air 2
- Ability force-start a game in SkyWars (/sw forcestart)
- Set up to 10 location warps (/setwarp)
- 10 homes with /sethome
- Ability to spawn animals and monsters using spawn eggs
- Special effects (/fire)
- In chat color in Factions
- Access to enderchest in factions
- Kit: Use /kit premium in factions to receive full Chain Armor, Stone Sword and a set of Stone Tools. The kit may be used once every 24 hours
[Pro] $25.00
- All Premium rank powers
- [Pro] tag
- Multi-colored nickname /nick (obscene nicknames and misrepresentation are not allowed)
- Access to additional WorldEdit commands: /copy, /paste, /rotate, /flip, and /cut
- Turn into a squid, cavespider, silverfish, villager of any occupation, aggressive or tamed wolf, witch, horse, powered or storage minecart
- Power to ride a wolf, squid, cavespider or silverfish
- Access to /tpo command
- Magic Spells: Fire 2, Dark 2, Light 2, Electric 2
- Set up to 20 warps
- 15 homes with /sethome
- Special effects (/ender)
- Kit: Use /kit pro in factions to receive Chain Armor with Iron Chestplate and a set of Stone Tools with Iron Sword. The kit may be used once every 24 hours
[Master] $50.00
- All Pro rank powers
- [Master] tag
- Ability to jail and unjail another player with the /jail command. To see all the server jails type /jails
- Turn into a zombie, pigzombie, skeleton, irongolem, ghast, mule, creeper or charged creeper
- Power to ride a zombie, skeleton or creeper
- Turn into a burning mob! - /d burning [mobtype]
- Magic Spells: Nature 3, Water 3, Earth 3
- Set up to 30 warps
- 20 homes with /sethome
- Special effects (/smoke)
- Kit: Use /kit master in factions to receive Chain Armor with Iron Chestplate and Iron Leggings, Iron Sword and Pickaxe and a Stone Shovel. The kit may be used once every 24 hours
[Elite] $75.00
- All Master rank powers
- [Elite] tag
- Power to shoot fireballs
- Ability to create lightning - /thor
- Turn into a blaze, magmacube, giant, enderman, minecart spawner, minecart hopper, undead horse, donkey, endercrystal or falling block
- Hold blocks as enderman - /d hold [block name/id #]
- Power to ride a giant, enderman or blaze
- Create new server jails with /setjail command, delete existing jails with /deljail.
- Magic Spells: Air 3, Fire 3, Dark 3
- Set up to 40 warps
- 25 homes with /sethome
- Special effects (/annoy)
- Kit: Use /kit elite in factions to receive Iron Armor with Chain Boots, Iron Sword and a set of Iron Tools. The kit may be used once every 24 hours
[Epic] $100.00
- All Elite rank powers
- [Epic] tag
- Power to use lightning on other players - /thor [player]
- Access to moderator level commands (/tempban other players)
- Access to /time, /day, /night
- Spawn an Enderdragon
- Turn into a tnt minecart, skeletal horse, Wither or Enderdragon
- The ultimate skill: RIDE THE ENDERDRAGON !
- Magic Spells: Light 3, Electric 3
- Set up to 50 warps
- 30 homes with /sethome
- Kit: Use /kit epic in factions to receive full Iron Armor, Iron Sword and a set of Iron Tools. The kit may be used once every 24 hours

Accounts that amount to over $300 in donations and Webstore purchases (overall total) receive special consideration and privileges including an honorary [Admin] prefix, ability to disguise as another player, ability to kick donor ranks from the server, /tpo exempt, access to /unban command, 200 warps, 50 homes and the maximum size of any protected regions set to 3 million blocks (/region define).
In order to obtain your rank upgrade, you need to enter your minecraft username when you donate. Make sure that your username is spelled correctly as it is used by our system to promote you in-game instantly!
Minecraft username 
Donation amount ($USD) 
1. No refunds. Donator powers are a privilege not a right! We track all console commands, location and type of blocks placed etc. If we find out that you are abusing your powers YOU WILL LOSE YOUR POWERS WITH NO REFUND.
2. Since you are a donator you are exempt from being banned by Mods/Admins. If you break the rules however, you are still subject to being banned by the owner or console operator.
3. We reserve the right to remove your privileges at any time or for any reason we deem necessary.
4. Donator advantages are subject to change.
5. The terms of service is subject to change.